More of everything is needed?

January 21st, 2022

Well, that’s it, I’m down to one new and one “B stock” Sugar Britches pedal, and need to make more bearing kits. At least there are plenty of Singlecross pedals left. The plan is to make more pedals, but I want to do some redesign, and apparently there are supply chain issues with parts. (Imagine that!)

But, in any case, the plan is to make more. And maybe some other pedals. :)

Bearing kit parts are in, Sugar Britches stock is low

August 20th, 2021

Wow I’ve been very busy playing music this summer. That’s good, I love to play music! But this means the BYTE HEAVEN projects are behind schedule. That’s bad, I love projects!

Bearing kits will be back soon. I have finally received all the raw materials to make more bearing kits, including smaller bearings to make kits for trackballs that can’t track with the larger bearings. So, they’re coming. If you are waiting for one, feel free to badger me in email or social media. :)

Sugar Britches has been selling well and stock is running low. I am redesigning the board to fit in a slightly smaller box, and maybe swap the in/out jack locations, but that will take a while and we may run out of stock before the new pedals are ready. The chip shortages and COVID-related manufacturing slowdowns are not helping here, either. Debating whether to make a small batch of the current through-hole design, but making a small batch means it will be more expensive.

The price of everything has gone up by about the amount of the US-China trade tariff. It doesn’t seem to matter whether parts come from China the US, the prices have gone up for everything by the same amount. So… this is reflected in the store prices. Sorry. :(

More pedals in the works as well, as soon as I get the updated Sugar Britches out the door!

New Singlecross very much here

July 28th, 2021

We haven’t really had a chance to update the web site, but the new singlecross pedals are definitely here and for sale through Reverb. Will be adding them for direct sales and the updated images ASAP.,t_large/v1626815881/sbd5b4iqu35nkliwebqx.jpg

New Singlecross Pedals

“Why aren’t you doing it now?” Because I have a brutal gig schedule this month and I’m only half awake. :)