Seasound Solo

The forums appear to be dead, so I’m shutting it down and archiving the driver installers here, along with the FAQ. Enjoy? Seasound Solo XP Drivers FAQ Source Code – Port it to Windows 8, or OS/X! Go for it! Downloads


M3UPorterLarge is an application that copies MP3 files to a single directory, for use in your car, receiver, clock radio, or other slightly dumb USB MP3 player. Latest Official Release Download PorterLarge from Github Source and older versions: PorterLarge project at Github M3UPorter project What it does Here be pretty pictures! To start, select a […]


Ameinias isn’t exactly a jukebox; more like a compulsively overdesigned shuffle play. It picks tracks from your collection, and plays them. You tell it which ones suck. It’s also web-based, and designed for use in conjunction with a streaming audio server (shoutcast) but can also be used standalone as a tray app. Downloads Latest Releases: […]


Official home page of the Seltzer lyric display app from BYTE HEAVEN