CST Trackball Ball Bearing Upgrade Kit

My Trackball

I’m currently making and selling a ball bearing upgrade/repair kit that fits many CST (Clearly Superior Technologies) trackballs. If they’re sold out and you want one, contact me via email or twitter or whatever and I’ll try to hurry things up!

Link: CST Trackball Ball Bearing Roller Replacement and Upgrade Kit for LTrac CST2545


This is a ball bearing upgrade / repair kits for CST opto trackballs. This kit is built for the CST2545, and fits opto-mechanical models that use the newer style “brown plastic sleeve” bearing and double-flanged roller.These are a drop-in replacement for the factory bearings in compatible trackballs.

I built this because the bearing in my L-Trac CST2545 stuck and wore a flat spot in the double-flanged roller. This is apparently a common failing in the factory sleeve-style bearing. Ball bearings roll much easier, resist clogging much better than stock, and last a very long time. Since the parts come in bags of 10, I made 3 sets and sold the spares–now I just make a few more whenever I have time. If you love having a high resolution opto-sensor trackball but wish it had ball bearings, these replacements are for you.

What’s In a Kit


Even with ball bearings, the CST trackball does not throw like a DT225. This is partly because of the wide bearing placement, and partly because of the small amount of ball that is exposed. There is some throw-catch, and with the higher resolution it is possible to throw the ball across a 1080 screen at 400CPI resolution with the default (middle notch) mouse settings, delivering performance similar to an itac mouse-trak ball but without the need for acceleration.

The factory lubrication on the bearings is a bit stiff at first. After a month or two of break-in they loosen up, at which point the trackball performs like it should have from the factory. I find the feel looser and smoother than the flanged factory bearings. I have not tried the old school flat bearings, so I can not offer a comparison to those.


This kit uses ball bearings instead of the sleeved plastic bearing.

  • Delivers a free ball bearing feel
  • Is more resistant to clogging by pet hair/fuzz, which means less frequent disassembly and cleaning
  • Durable


  • Ball bearings are slightly louder than the stock shaft bearings.


This kit should be compatible with most CST opto-mechanical trackballs. I do not know whether it will fit the new P.I. Engineering “X-Keys” trackballs. The CST2545 is an “L-Trac” trackball, but not all trackballs sold under the L-Trac brand name use the same bearings. Your best bet is to simply look at the bearings when you open the trackball to clean it–if it looks like the picture you’re probably OK.

My CST2545 with bearing upgrade

Note: This is a drop-in replacement for the factory bearings, and should *fit* like the factory bearing. There is a gentle “click” and they’re in. If you buy one and it seems like you need to force it, or it is loose, something is wrong! Message me and send it back!


I absolutely love mine!