People who have no sense of humor like to buy dogs with cutesy names. Any animal that is half-breed poodle can have a name that ends in “-doodle”. This explains the otherwise inexplicable popularity of small, annoying dogs with silly names that are, well, silly:

  • Labradoodle
  • Goldendoodle

This happens because one of the cutesy-est dog breed names of all is “Poodle”. But is it as cutesy as it can be? Based on this naming convention, it’s obvious that a purebred poodle is actually half poodle and half poodle. Yes, that’s right. The horrible truth:

A poodle is just a crossbreed offspring of a poodle and another poodle.

Therefore, the proper name for a poodle is “PoodleDoodle”.

But there’s more to the naming convention. Some breeds sound silly with “doodle” added to their names, so they get a “-poo” suffix instead. Yes really. Examples:

  • Maltipoo
  • Yorkipoo

I guess “Maltidoodle” and “Yorkidoodle” are more silly than cutesy? There is an unwritten rule that dictates which dogs are “doodles” and which are “poos”, and you are strongly discouraged  from violating this rule: if a breed name ends in a short “i” sound, it can accept the suffix “-poo” when crossbred with a Poodle.

Note how the suffix “-le” in “poodle” is a short “i”. Therefore, according to the rules, a purebred poodle may alternatively be referred to as a “Poodipoo”. Poodle is one of the rare breeds that can accept both suffixes.

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Missed Opportunities

You must by now realize that this means all crossbreeds should have names following one of these conventions. Here are crossbreeds I have seen up for sale on the dogfinder lists. (Yes sale, don’t give me that BS that puppy mills are cranking out these purebreds for the love of puppies.)

Mastiff / Anatolian

  • Mastolian
  • Mastifflian
  • Anatostiffy

Golden Retriever / Blue Heeler

  • Goldenheeler
  • Bluetriever
  • Gollue

Australian Shepherd / Blue Heeler

  • Sheeler

Dalmation / Blue Heeler

  • Bluemation
  • Deeler

German Shepherd / Chocolate Lab

Oh the possibilities:

  • Germanate Lab
  • Shepolab
  • Gerolate Labherd
  • Choco-herd
  • Chocoman
  • Shellab

Rottweiler / German Shepherd

  • Rottherd
  • Roman Shepler
  • Sheiler

Shih Tzu / Poodle

  • Shidoodle (surely this is the correct name, right?)
  • Shitzipoo
  • Shitzle
  • Pootzu

Pitbull / (black) Labrador Retriever

  • Pitreiver
  • Labrabully
  • Pitador

Golden Retriever / Australian Shepherd

  • Austriever
  • (Australian) Goldenerd
  • Golden Shetriever

Basenji / Terrier

  • Tenji
  • Barrier

Löwchen / Poodle

  • Löwchendoodle (obviously)
  • Löchipoo
  • Poochen

Doberman Pinscher / Laborator Retriever

  • Dobiedor / Doberador
  • Repinscher
  • Pinner

Labrador Retriever / Siberian Husky

  • Retriesky
  • Siberador Rusky
  • Huskador

Great Pyrenees / Anatolian Shepherd

  • (Anatolian) Pyrenerd
  • Greatolian
  • Shepyrenees

Boston Terrier / Staffordshire Bull Terrier

  • Staffordston
  • Bostaffordshire
  • Bostord

Australian Shepherd (“Aussie”) / Bulldog

  • Bullsie
  • Bullion Shepherd
  • Austrabull

Border Collie / Golden Retriever

  • Goldener Colliver
  • Golden-ie (Get it? Goldeneye? Get it? James Bond? Never mind.)
  • Borden Recollie
  • Colliever

Great Dane / Labrador Retriever

  • Daneador
  • Labradane
  • Great Lab

Great Pyrenees / Labrador Retriever

  • Late Pyreiever
  • Greatador
  • Retrenees

Official vs rejected breed names

Are crossbreed names accepted and rejected based on any sort of logic? Decide for yourself.

Maltese / Poodle

  • Accepted: Maltipoo
  • Rejected: Maltidoodle
  • Fighting Words: Pootese

Pitbull / Blue Heeler

  • Accepted: Pit Heeler
  • Rejected: Bluebie, Pitblue
  • Fighting Words: Bluebull

Pitbull / Boxer

  • Accepted: Boxerpit
  • Rejected: Buller
  • Almost: Pixar

Pekigense / Poodle

  • Accepted: Peekapoo
  • Rejected: Peekadoodle, Peekinoodle, Pooki

Border Collie / Australian Shepherd

  • Accepted: Border Aussie
  • Rejected: Ausser Sheppie, Boralian, Collerd

Dachshund / Yorkie

  • Accepted: Dorkie
  • Rejected: Yuckshund, Doxxie, Yorkidach