Google-free Android Notes

Actually, I use most of these even on the phone with Google Play, because awesome.

Essential Apps

  • DAVx (sync)
  • Etar (calendar)
  • F-Droid
  • Firefox/IceCat/browser of choice
  • HERE WeGo (via the APK Extractor app or Yalp store…get it safely)
  • Signal (APK can not be found by browsing, but if you search for “signal APK” you will find the official APK on a sub-page, currently
  • WiFiAnalyzer

Maybe-Essentials depending On Rom

  • Magisk / Magisk Manager
  • DejaVu location service
  • OpenCamera
  • RPN Calculator
  • Yalp Store, or a Google-bitch phone with APK Extractor

Other Apps

  • BlacklistBlocker
  • OpenVPN
  • VPN Hotspot
  • Simple Flashlight
  • spaRSS
  • HG Launcher (for the ultra minimalist)
  • Todo Agenda, if not using “HG Launcher”
  • Vanilla Music, if the ROM’s music player sucks or won’t play OGG

System Notes

Worried you might have to resize the system partition? Resurrection Remix 7.0 + Magisk 20 fit just fine in a 1G system partition. Just don’t try to install gapps!