That’s a lot of mouse feet

So I wore out yet another set of mouse feet. Scrape scrape. Didn’t immediately find a set of matching feet for my mouse, and then I thought, “wait, surely there’s a general solution to this.”

The solution? 36 yards of PTFE tape. That’s PTFE, also known asĀ “stop saying Teflon, or we’ll sue you.” In this case, 0.010 x 3/4″ teflon tape with a silicone adhesive backing.


It’s .010″ thick, which is thicker than the PTFE tape usually sold in shorter length for mice, so should last longer.

You have to do some searching though. This roll of 3/4″ tape was $12, but I got the last roll in stock, and now it costs $110. You have to check to see what widths are available in stock.

What can you do with 36 yards of PTFE? Well, aside from great high temperature electrical insulation, it’s also great for old school drawers that don’t have rollers.

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