Abandon your principles when you vote; it’s for the minorities

Heard on twitter:

If you vote third party you are saying your abstract principles matter more than the lives of people in marginalized minorities.

— some selfrighteous person apparently without principles

First, yes. They do. My principles matter. That’s the point of principles.

Also, you’re saying that principles are a bad thing.

You’re saying that third parties don’t support marginalized minories, while the two major candidates do.

You’re saying you don’t vote on principle, or maybe that you don’t have any.

Or, maybe you’re just saying my principles are inferior to your high and mighty ones. Your abstract principles. When you vote for the lesser evil, you’re saying that your abstract principles are more important than the fate of the country.

But, no, you’re not saying that. Voting on principle is bad. You just said so.

OK then. I’ll vote for my unimportant abstract principles, and you vote for…whatever.

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