Ameinias 3.0.3 — Level control updates

I’ve just uploaded a new version of the Ameinias not-exactly-a Jukebox. Download it directly as Ameinias- (13.7 MB).

The leveling compression settings are now configurable.

Sexy Compression GUI!

These are the settings I am using

It’s really designed for a slow attack/release with a high ratio.

Full changelog

  • Average power calculation is more accurate
  • Compression power is now calculated using a running average power calculation. Dense, loud tracks now play much closer to the volume of quite, sparse tracks.
  • Can now set the compression ratio and other parameters through the GUI.
  • Compression settings can be saved as presets
  • Added database update code to handle, you know, updates.

Updating from previous versions

Updates from previous verisons should just work. But they might not. I wrote tests for it and tried it myself, but hey it might not work. Since about four people total have actually downloaded the program, I can’t really justify too much testing! If it fails, you can force the database to be regenerated by deleting the files in


There should be two: ameinias.db and The database will be regenerated when you launch the program.

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