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It’s EXTREME! or something.

wot;dnr: Great video card; sluggish initial response from tech support, great support after they engaged.

I like my new video card, a “Zotac GTX970 Amp! Extreme Edition”or something to that effect. Runs great and cool, and has what can only be described as unnecessarily excessive thermal management. Three PCI slots wide, and barely fits in my gigantic Antec case.

But, I can not save settings in the Zotac Firestorm application, which on a Zotac brand card is the only way to fully control it. You lose the settings, not just on reboot, but if you accidentally click the close button on the Zotec control panel. It just sucks generally.

So, naturally I contacted tech support. There’s a phone number to call–for every region except the USA. Oh joy. So I used the email. Got my automated response over a week ago; nothing since. Just sent a followup email:

tekHedd .,
This is an automated response. Thank you for contacting us; we appreciate your interest in ZOTAC! This response confirms that we have received your ticket. One of the members of our support staff will be in touch within 1-2 business days. The details of your ticket are listed below. Note: When replying, please include your ticket ID in the subject line so we may track your ticket accurately
Subject: Firestorm won’t save presets
Department: Technical Support
Type: Issue
Status: Open
Priority: Low
You can check the status of or reply to this ticket online at: https://www.zotacusa.com/help/index.php/Tickets/Ticket/View/LKDXXXXXXXXKind regards,ZOTAC USA

Support Center: https://www.zotacusa.com/help/index.php

Of course I can’t log in to the online system because I don’t have a password, and password reset has not sent an email. And, yes, I checked my spam folder. Twice.

My support request is very complex:

On the “Advance” page, I can set up overclock preferences, but Save does not save. When I later load the preset, it is the same as Reset.

GTX970 extreme edition
Forceware 344.75
Firestorm V1.0.44.006 running as administrator
Win7/64 Ultimate (patched, freshly installed)

Thanks much!

A video of trying to save a preset with Firestorm. Thrilling!

Hooray! Got an email response, they watched my video, and have escalated the request to, presumably, the actual tech support people. Who have now sent me a link to an updated test version. Which I am testing…and which works! Hooray!

OK, so I did have to contact them twice, but the problem was quickly fixed and escalated. Good enough for me! :)

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