Ameinias Bugerator

This page will be left up for a while, but at this point I have started tracking Ameinias bugs and TODOs at Trello. I don’t have time to move them just yet, but there’s a whole wish list of features. Ameinias clearly needs machine learning support as well. :)

Current Project: ameinias

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Version: 3.0.1 ameinias Anticipated release date: 15 Jan 2016
6 Feature Request Display back-end error log in the GUI New 3
7 Feature Request Longer login timeout New 3
13 Feature Request Overplayed New 3
16 Feature Request Trayapp-local user should stay logged in New 3
17 Feature Request Request System New 3
21 Feature Request Multiple moods New 3
23 Bug Login box is too big New 3
Version: 3.1.0 ameinias Release date: 1 Sep 2015
5 Feature Request Manual/automatic playlist generation New 3
22 Bug Treble is over-hot New 3
1 Feature Request System Settings in database Closed 3
2 Feature Request Windows installer Closed 3
4 Feature Request Playlist Generation Config Closed 3
8 Bug Improve polling Closed 3
3 Feature Request Main GUI CSS Completed 3
Version: ameinias Release date: