Maybe I did disrespect your Safe Spaces and Triggers

October 10th, 2016

I didn’t think it was disrespectful. I was mocking people who use “Triggers” casually to censor whatever they didn’t like, as a passive aggressive attack. How can anybody /not/ mock those people?

If I say that my triggers are “disagreeing with me,” even if I literally meant what I said, I’m just using the words they way everyone does. Passive aggressives and SJWs are the only people who use the word “triggers” when they’re not talking about firearms.

Language is defined by common usage, as my politically correct young friends are quick to point out if I am ever inconsiderate enough to notice their complete ignorance of the structure or history of the language we are speaking. In fact, the current vogue is that good grammar is elitist and/or classist. Clearly ridiculous, but right now this is actually a thing people are really saying. XKCD makes a strong case for Grammar Police being equivalent to Fashion Nazis. The XKCD argument is hard to argue with, but you’ll get the same treatment if you use the wrong slang in gangland, and that’s hardly an elitist attitude. Nevertheless…

Consider. Based on the consistent and widespread use of the term, “Safe spaces” means only one thing: a place where you never say anything I don’t want you to say. Based on the same consistent widespread use, “triggers” are anything I don’t want you to say. It’s just censorship.

When I say “consistent and widespread use”, I mean that I have never heard anybody use these terms as anything but passive aggressive censorship. Not once. And as we know, common usage defines the language.

Based on common use, safe spaces terminology is synonymous with personalized censorship. Perhaps it has a specialized meaning in a clinical or educational setting. If so, that’s nice. As a layperson, I’ve never seen another use of it. I conclude that it has no other practical use or meaning in real life, other than as a way to attack people who disagree with you.

Stop telling me how “my” candidate sucks

October 6th, 2016
Don't Panic

Don’t Panic

The fact is, I agree with you. I hate that candidate.

But, your hyperbolic ranting is not gaining you votes.

Exaggerated BS will not convince me to dislike your opponent more, because that is not possible. Exaggerated BS won’t help me like your candidate either. Try posting one positive thing about your candidate. I’ll wait.

[Jeopardy theme]

Excellent! Your candidate is not a complete waste of skin.

Now, try how about a second, positive reason to vote for your candidate, that is not “opponent sucks.” Yeah, I know. You’re having trouble finding a convincing, unexaggerated second selling point. That’s because your candidate sucks too.

Gig Update: Meh

August 30th, 2016

Gigs have been reasonably fun and uneventful. Nothing to say. :) Here’s another stage pic instead.

Green Stage

Green Stage